I am pleased to announce

Our New Human Consciousness

Series is now complete.

It comprises six volumes.

Our New Human Consciousness

A Blueprint for Our Future

96 chapters in 512 pages $54 Aud

Our Global Wave of Change

A Blueprint for Psychological Survival

34 chapters in 100pages $27 Aud

Our New Human MindSkills

A Blueprint for Our New Mental Operating System

20 chapters in 125 pages $27 Aud

Our New Path of Self-Discovery

A Blueprint for Enlightenment

25 chapters in 157 pages $27 Aud

Our New Enlightened Culture

A Blueprint for Our New Civilisation

15 chapters in 197 pages $27 Aud

A Code for the Road

A Blueprint for Your Journey

36 chapters in 213 pages $37 Aud

Available from

My website: www.terrysands.com click on Products page

My publisher: Xlibris/Penguin at Orders@Xlibris.com.au

Directly from me for personal signed copy: tsands32@gmail.com

(send your order to me by email, and I will send you bank transfer details)

Price for signed copy from me includes shipping in Australia.

Other countries please add shipping $12 Aud

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